Using Segments

Using Segments

Segments can dramatically increase the performance and response rate of your email blasts by enabling you to get the right message to the right subscribers.

Segments can be created using data you already have on your subscribers (i.e. age, gender, etc) or on the actions your subscribers take (i.e. opened and/or clicked).

Segments are organized by Brand, so each Brand you create will have its own particular list of Segments.

View Parameters

The parameters control which subscribers are added to that particular Segment. For instance, for an "Active Subscribers" segment the parameters would describe any subscribers who had last opened an email within a certain time frame (i.e., within the last 365 days). To view the parameters of a particular section, go into the Parameters column and click on View Parameters.

Create a New Multi-Segment

Any two Segments can be combined to create a new, more specific Segment. The Segments can be combined with AND, OR, or AND NOT to control how they will interact to create the new Multi-Segment.

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Create a New Segment

Choose the brand and name the segment you wish to create. This name should reflect the parameters of the segment. For detailed instructions on creating Segments, click here.

Tips & Tricks

Segments can also be used to export a targeted portion of your lists, as well as measure the performance of a segment in the reports.

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