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Field Name

The Field Name is the identifier for a particular field of information in your database. For example, some of the most standard Field Names are EmailFirstName, and Address1, correlating to data on a person's email address, first name, and the first line of their address.

When uploading a list of subscribers, the headers (first row) on your spreadsheet must exactly match the Field Name. If you write the Field Name FirstName as First Name, the list will not upload correctly.


Field Type

The Field Type refers to the format of the data that is entered in a particular Field Name. There are four Field Types available in MarketTraq:

  1. Numeric (ex. 123)
  2. Single-Line Text (ex. Look at this single line of example text.)
  3. Multi-Line Text (ex. This text contains more than just
    one line.)
  4. Date (ex. 07-21-2016)

The standard Data Field FirstName would have Single-Line Text.


MarketTraq Standard Data Fields

MarketTraq has seventeen standard fields, all of which have examples to show how Field Type (the content of the field) is formatted. When uploading subscribers, your data needs to be formatted in a way that correctly responds with the Field Name.

To learn more about uploading subscribers, and how to correctly format your list data, click here.

Below is an image of MarketTraq's standard fields and corresponding examples:


Custom Fields

If the data field you are looking for is not shown (ex. Company Name), you can create a custom field in either a number, text, or date format. To create a new custom field, first navigate to the correct page by opening the Lists drop-down menu on the navigation bar and selecting Data Fields.

Once you have navigated to the screen, you will see a list of all the Field Names, both standard and custom, that are available to you. You can add a new field either by clicking Add new field, located at the right of the custom fields header bar, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking Add New Custom Field there. Both will open the same information box:

Fill in the Field Name and select which Field Type it contains in the drop-down menu, then click Add New Field. In the example above, I've created the Field Name RelationshipStatus with the Field Type Single-Line Text so I could create a demographic of subscribers based upon whether or not they are married.

If you would like to edit the name of your Data Field, click the Edit Icon . You cannot change the Field Type; if you created the Data Field AnniversaryDay and accidentally used the Field Type Single-Line Text rather than Date, you would have to Delete  the custom field and then make a new one.


Tips & Tricks

Data fields can be used to create M-Triggers to be sent out automatically. In Segments, you can use the data fields to create these recurring messages. For help on creating M-Triggers, click here.

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