How to Export a List

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How to Export your List

Step - 1 Navigate to the Lists Screen

Click on the* "List Screen"*


Select the _"Export List"  _option on the left hand side


 Step - 2 Select List(s) to Export

Select "Brand Identity" **( **to learn more about brand identity click  here )


Select the list(s) you want to export 

HINT: To select multiple lists hold the "CTRL" button and click additional lists. Selected lists are highlighted in blue.

Step - 3 Choose Subscriber Status 

Choose subscriber status. Which ever status pertains to the list is the one you chose.

Subscribe: An email address that receives emails from a company

Unsubscribe: An email address which opts out of getting emails from a company

Bounce: An email address that was not deliverable

Step - 4 Choose what Data Fields you wish to Extract

Choose what data fields you wish to extract from the list. 

IMPORTANT: Only the selected _Fields _will be extracted with the exported file

 Step - 5 Download

Click Download Button 

Hint: Exported Lists will be exported as a zipped file ready for your use


Need More Help?

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Please reach out to the the MTE Support Team by posting a* comment, Submitting a  Support Ticket or calling our 24/7 help line at 877-681-9255*.

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