How to Format Your File to Upload a List

Summary of Contents:

  1. Organize Your Data
  2. Create and Save Your File
  3. Upload Your List
  4. View Your Uploaded List
  5. Need More Help?


Organize Your Data

It is important to format your file correctly so that all of your important subscriber data is captured. MTE organizes this data as fields. The most common fields are standard, such as

  • Email
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • etc.

You can also make Custom Fields for any type of data you have. Learn more about Custom Fields here

Finding your Field Names

Click on Lists from the navigation bar located to the left of the screen, then open Data Fields from the drop-down menu.

You will be taken a screen where you can view all the standard and custom Data Fields you have created. If you're at all unsure what the Data Fields are, please check this page. The difference between writing FirstName and firstname as a header will make it so MTE cannot properly analyze the data you've uploaded.


Create your file and save your file

We recommend using a simple spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Remember to save the file with the correct file format (.txt, .csv).

IMPORTANT: Once you are done making the file you have created following the steps below, you must remember to save it in either a .csv or .txt format. If this is ignored, then your data will not pass through to the list.

Key things to remember when creating your file

  • If using a .csv file, DO NOT use any commas whatsoever. A single comma will break your file.
  • Headers in your spreadsheet must match Field Name EXACTLY, including the capitalization.
  • The same goes for any Custom Field Names you may have.
  • If a header in your spreadsheet is left blank, no data will be pass into MTE for that column.
  • Email Data field must be the first header in your file.


Saving the correct file type

When you chose Save As make sure you save the file as a .txt tab delimited file.

Remember to save the file with any of the correct file formats (txt). If a file is not saved in the appropriate format it will not pass data through to the list.


Upload your list

For step by step help on uploading Subscribers to a NEW LIST click here.

For step by step help on uploading Subscribers to an EXISTING LIST click here.


View your uploaded list

When the list upload is complete, it will appear in the List Overview screen. Click on the name of the list in the list screen to see your list data. The standard Data Fields displayed are EmailFirstNameLastName, and subscription Status. To view all list data associated with one particular subscriber, click on details at the right-hand side.

Need More Help?

  • Have unanswered questions?
  • Need 1-on-1 training? - Ask about Training Options
  • Want us to handle it for you? - Ask about Full Service Email Solutions

Please reach out to the the MTE Support Team by posting a comment, submitting a Support Ticket, or calling our 24/7 help line at 877-681-9255.

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