How to Upload Subscribers to an Existing List

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Upload Subscribers to your existing list

If you wish to add to an existing list, enter the Lists Overview screen and then click on Upload Subscribers, located in the upper right-hand corner.

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You will now be on the Upload Subscribers screen (see below).

All of the settings will default to your previous choices for this list. If you want to modify the List Upload Settings see the section at the bottom of this post for more details.

Select which Brand and List you would like to upload the new subscribers to in the drop-down menus. Then, Choose File and click Upload Data.

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Hint: If something is wrong with your file or settings, an error message will appear and provide you with directions on how to correct the error.


Check your list upload status

After you upload a list, go to the Lists screen to check on the status of your upload. You can click on the edit icon  to view list uploading status, or click on the List Upload Status link at the bottom to see the List Status upload for the past 5 upload loads.

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View your uploaded list

When the list upload is complete, it will appear in the list screen. Click on the name of the list in the list screen to see your list data.

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Explanation of List Upload Settings


From a single Login, an MTE Account can act as a centralized email platform for companies that have several sub-Brands. This is for organizational purposes only and does not appear on your emails sent.

In the drop down menu (below), select the Brand for this list upload.

Hint: Most MTE client accounts only have a single Brand. Here is an example of many Brands under one account:

If you feel you should have an account configured as such, contact your MTE Account Manager or the Support Team.



Here you can find a drop down of every list in your account.  Use Lists to organize your subscribers any way you like. It is just one tool available to make emailing smarter, more relevant campaigns simple. Good list organization is critical to maintaining Sender Reputation and Deliverability. Segmenting (separating) your lists by 'Op-in' or collection source is an easy way for you to target your campaigns only to individuals who want to get your mail.

Select the appropriate List to upload subscriber data via the drop down menu.

Hint: Any new list just created will be pre-selected.


Other Lists

You can choose to duplicate email addresses from other lists upon the upload. Remember that if you send to one or more list, any duplicate email addresses will only receive one email.



If a user has unsubscribed from this list or another list, you may choose to either suppress this email from uploading or subscribe it to the list.


Reset Bounces

We highly recommend this remain at NO. Bounce data is very helpful information, and it can be used in many ways to help you segment your lists/determine list health. Only select YES if you want to erase this data.


Subscriber Data

If you are uploading a new list this section does not apply. 

If you are uploading data to an EXISTING list you will need to decide how you want new data to interact with existing data. You can choose from a few options:

  • Leave all existing data alone ( i.e add only new subscribers and their data).
  • Merge data to add new fields (i.e. First Name) without overwriting existing fields.
  • Overwrite existing fields (i.e. update a field with latest information collected for the subscriber).
  • Refresh all of the subscriber information. (This deletes your current list and REPLACES it with the uploaded list)



Select the delimiter type used on your upload file (i.e. what character is used to separate your data entries).

Hint: .CSV = Comma (",") Delimited values

.PIP = Pipe ("|") Delimited values

.TXT can be Comma (",") OR 'Tab' OR Pipe ("|") Delimited values



Click Choose File button to browse your computer for the desired List Upload File.

Hint: To avoid confusion try to name your files similar to the list destination.

Click on the Data Fields link to see the data fields which you have set up. To learn more about how to format your list click here.



Lastly, you can choose to have an automatic email sent to NEW subscribers on the list. Choose a creative from the drop down list. Go to the Creatives section see what the creative looks like or to add a new email creative.

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