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NOTE: Before starting this process, keep in mind that the master user of each account is the ONLY one that should be uploading suppression lists.


What is a Suppression List and When Should You Use Them?

Think of suppression lists as a temporary do-not-email list. Suppose you just sent an email to your list letting them know about a special upcoming event. If a list recipient already signed up for your event, you do not want to send an email asking them to sign up again. You do not want to delete the email address from your account as you would with an Unsubscribe or Bounce. The answer for any situation like this is to use a Suppression List.


Generating Your Suppression List

All you need is a list of emails, and that list can come from anywhere. Just make sure the file is correctly formatted (check out the Standard List Format or How to Format Your File to Upload a List for help). 

A common practice is to suppress users who received a previous campaign. In that case you can simply export a list of "Openers" or "Clickers" from a previous drop. Next, format and save the suppression list as a .txt file. You can do this with a tool like NotePad or Excel.

(You can also build a segment in MTE instead of creating a suppression list, which may be more efficient depending upon your needs. Click here to explore that option.)


Formatting Your Suppression List

There are only two things you need to remember when preparing your suppression file for upload:

  • Confirm that the file contains ONLY EMAIL ADDRESSES (HINT: Remember to remove any Header titles from the first row such as Email)
  • Save your file in a .txt format. If you are having a problem with .txt file open up a Support Ticket with MTE.


Uploading Your Suppression List

IMPORTANT: To use the Suppression list functionality, you must be logged in with your account's (Master) login. Suppression Lists are User Specific. Only Users with the same log-in will be able to see Suppression Lists created.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Suppression Screen

Open the Lists drop-down menu on the navigation tab and select Suppression.

Step 2 - Update or Create a Suppression List

For NEW LIST: Select  --New Suppression List--  from the Select suppression list drop down and name your suppression list.

[Click image to magnify.]

For an EXISTING LIST: Select any pre-existing list from the Select suppression drop down.


For the File contains field, select email addresses. (This option should be pre-selected.)


Then, click Choose File to select the file you've created to be uploaded. You can also upload a file from from the web by supplying the URL. After the file has been selected, Click the Upload Suppression List button.

If you have successfully submitted your suppression list, you will see a text box in green at the top of your screen confirming its success. The text box will also contain a confirmation number unique to your upload. Once the file has completed uploading, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3 - Check the List Upload Status

Open the Lists drop-down menu on the navigation tab and select List Upload Status. All lists that have been uploaded will be organized by Brand. Each list will have an Upload ID (your confirmation number), List NameUpload Type (suppression or subscribers), Upload DateTotal Lines in FileStatus, and Process Time.

[Click image to magnify.]

Confirm a Status of DONE. This normally takes under 30 seconds, but can vary based off of your list size and internet connection speed. Don't worry if your list takes a little while to show up, especially if you have a list containing tens of thousands of names. Just refresh your page to check again.


Applying Your Suppression List

Step 1 - Navigate to the Creative Screen

Open the Creatives drop-down and select Creatives Overview.

Step 2 - Apply Suppression List to the Creative

Click either the name of your desired Creative under the Creative Name column or select the Edit Icon  under Action.

Once you are on your Creative's page, you will see a section entitled Creative OverviewSuppression Lists is the fourth row down. You have to click on the far right text, where it either says "none" or the name of a previously selected suppression list, in order to edit the information. (The actual title Suppression Lists is not clickable.) The text will be highlighted in yellow, and when you click it will open a new text box.

Select your desired suppression list from the drop-down menu and then click save.


Step 3 - Calculate list size to see if Suppression list was properly applied

Open the Send drop-down menu on the navigation bar and select Standard Send.

Select which Creative you'd like to test in the Creative drop-down selector, and which List(s) you would like to test. You can also get even more specific by choosing to target particular segments of your chosen list. 

Then scroll down to the Advanced Options link at the bottom of the screen so that you can Calculate the updated list size for your Creative. Depending on the size of your list, this may take some time, so be patient!


Hint: If your list had 100,000 recipients and the suppression list had 20,000 recipients, then this would show 80,000 recipients. 

Step 4 - Schedule your Campaign!

After filling out When you want the Creative to drop, click Schedule at the bottom of the page and confirm that you want to schedule this Campaign.

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