Creating a Text Version for your Creative

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  1. Check if Your Creative has a Text Version
  2. Adding a Text Version
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Check if Your Creative has a Text Version

Navigate to the Creatives Overview screen (located under the Creatives drop-down menu on the navigation tab) and click on either the name or the Edit Icon  under Action of the Creative you'd like to check.

If your Creative has a text version, under the Creative Content section there will be two blocks side-by-side, one labeled HTML Part (Previewand the other labeled Text Part (Preview).


(The two above images have been split for better visibility, but on the MarketTraq website they are side-by-side.)

If your Creative does not have a text version, there will be no Text Part information box.


Adding a Text Version

If your Creative is missing its text section, click [edit] in the Creative Content box available to you. (This will be the HTML Part; no worries, you can still edit the text from the HTML edit screen.)

You will be taken to a page where you'll see the WYSIWYG and HTML Editors on the top. Below that is the Text version editor. This is where you'll input the text you would like to appear for recipients who can only get a text version of your email.

Hint: Save time by clicking the MTE Convert HTML to Text ButtonThis will take all non-code content from your HTML, including linked URLs, and copy it into the text box.

 Click Preview to see what the text version would look like. The conversion won't format your text, so you'll have to format it manually by removing excess text/URLs, adding other features like an ###UNSUB### link, and adding spacing to make the text more user-friendly.


Need More Help?

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