The MarketTraq Email Dashboard

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The MarketTraq Email Dashboard

The MarketTraq Email Dashboard displays an overview of your email campaigns. The results displayed are only for drops with a minimum of 25 recipients. For each display, you can minimize or maximize by clicking the small box in the upper right-hand corner.


The Behavioral Heat Map

The Behavioral Heat Map will track the geographic distribution of your subscribers' actions, including Opens Unique OpensClicks Unique Clicks, and Actions. Choose which action you wish to track by clicking the corresponding button located at the bar immediately above the map.

Zoom in by double clicking the map. Click and drag to navigate. 

You can access the map data for any of your last 10 drops, which you can select by date and time in the upper right-hand corner. Hover over the legend to see the regions highlight accordingly, or hover over a particular region to see its specific data.



Subscriber Actions

Subscriber Actions breaks down the open rate, click rate, and any behavioral tracking actions taken by subscribers in the last five drops. For example, if you own a restaurant website, you can track the "Reservation" rate, "Gift Card Sale" rate, etc. Simply hover over the table chart to drop down the screen and reveal the whole table. The bar graph is a reflection of the percentages in the table.


Deliverability Graph

The Deliverability Graph charts the percentage of emails received by subscribers divided by the total amount sent during the course of the last 10 campaigns. Hovering over a particular point on the graph will cause an information box to drop down. This description, labeled with the Drop ID, includes the deliverability rate; the date and time the creative was sent; the Drop ID; the name of the creative; the spam score; and the number of total recipients.

Drops must be complete to appear in this chart.


Subscriber Clicks

Subscriber Clicks reflect where users are clicking in your email. Each hyperlink clicked is reflected in the pie chart. Beneath the pie chart is a table that contains the Link#URLClicks, and Clicks% for each link. Simply hover over the table chart to drop down the screen and reveal the whole table.

The Clicks% refers to what percentage of the total clicks a specific link was responsible for. For example, if your email generated 100 clicks, and 15 of those clicks were the "Contact Us" link, the Clicks% would be 15%. 



Top Performing Campaigns

Top Performing Campaigns track the 3 most successful campaigns by the following criteria: Click Through Rate (CTR), Open Rate, and Conversion. Click Through Rate is the total unique clicks divided by the total unique opens multiplied by 100. Open Rate is the total number of unique opens divided by the total number of recipients minus bounces multiplied by 100. Action Rate (or Conversion) is the total number of behavioral actions taken divided by total number of recipients minus bounces multiplied by 100.


Recent Campaigns Section

The Recent Campaigns Section will display your 10 most recent campaigns.


Scheduled Campaigns

The Scheduled Campaigns section will display any campaigns you have scheduled.


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